Enterra Icon Keeper

Enterra Icon Keeper 1.0

Enterra Icon Keeper saves and restores the icon layout on your desktop
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Enterra Icon Keeper is a program to save and restore the icon layout on your desktop. Each time the screen resolution changes, the icons in your desktop become disarranged. Enterra Icon Keeper eases the process of getting them back to their positions. This program doesn´t add any entry in your program´s menu. It just adds itself as an option to the contextual menu that opens when you press the right button of your mouse when the cursor points to an empty space on the desktop. When you open this menu, you will have two main options. "Save Icon Positions" will save the placement of the icons on your desktop at that very moment. If for some reason any program changes the position of the icons (e.g. after switching to full screen), you can use the other option in the menu, "Restore Icon Positions", to revert your desktop layout to the saved placement. The Icon positions will be saved separately for each user and monitor resolution. So you will be able to save it and restore it for different resolution settings. Other users’ settings won´t be affected.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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